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Program Details

Week 1
After settling in to the building, orientation will keep you busy for the first week of the semester. Your first course provides an introduction to Washington policymakers and includes  meetings with senior alumni who are working in Congress, the Administration, the private sector, and in advocacy. In addition to being prepared for your internship experience, by the end of orientation you will have been introduced to the various neighborhoods in Washington and you will be familiar with the various public transportation options.

Weeks 2 through 11
For the next ten weeks you will work four days a week (Monday through Thursday) at your internship placement and you will attend two of the three courses offered this semester. Each course is offered one night per week, two hours per class. The core course meets approximately once a month. There is a Newseum visit mid-semester.

Week 12
You will have a one week break after completion of your ten week internship period. This falls on Thanksgiving in the fall. 

Weeks 13 to 15
In the final weeks of the semester you will conduct informational interviews and research as necessary to complete your course assignments and attend your final classes. Continuation in internships for these final two weeks is not recommended. Exit interviews with the program director will be conducted to ensure that we learn all that we can from your experience to make the program better every year.