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Walk Like A Politician: My Penn in Washington Orientation Top Ten

College senior Alison Nadel is spending this semester living, interning, and taking classes in D.C. During the first few weeks of the Penn in Washington Semester in D.C. program, she was able to explore the city, meeting with Washington insiders and touring some of D.C.'s top tourist attractions. Find out which orientation experiences made Alison's Top Ten list.

10. The First Dogs Exhibit At the Newseum

    An exhibit of photos of all the past Presidents and their furry friends. I say furry friends and not dogs because President Harrison actually had a goat living with him at the White House named Mr. Whiskers.

9. Nationals v. Phillies Game

    You can take the girl out of Philly… but she’ll probably still root for the Phillies.

8. Big Cheese Grilled Cheese Truck

    Saying bye to Hemo’s and Magic Carpet for the semester was hard… Until I found Big Cheese: a food truck devoted solely to different variations of the American favorite- grilled cheese! Is it embarrassing to admit my roommates and I started following them on Twitter to find out their current location? Nah.

7. Getting a Picture with a President (Kind Of)

    At the H Street Festival, which was visited by more than 100,000 people, I got the chance to take a picture with one of the mascots for the Washington Nationals, President Taft!

6. Meeting Bao Bao at the National Zoo

    It’s not every zoo that has a brand new baby panda. And it’s not everyday that baby panda turns 1 year old. Lucky for me, I got to witness both!

5. Monuments at Night Tour

    You would be surprised how many people were at this monument with us at midnight on a Saturday. Guess Honest Abe is still the life of the party!

4. Mastering the Metro System

    Having watched House of Cards, I have to say I was not too excited to hop on a D.C. metro train but it turns out it really is the most efficient (and cheap!) way to get around. It took me all two weeks of orientation to figure out what line went where but I’m happy to say I finally got it!

3. Getting Caught in the Rain at The White House

    I should’ve known when I saw the ominous clouds in the top picture but I have to say, it seemed like a beautiful day. Then, the torrential downpour, running under a tree for cover, eventually giving up and accepting it was going to be rain shower kind of day.

2. Exploring the National Portrait Gallery

    Where LL Cool J is art… But also a lot of gorgeous Presidential portraits…

1. Seeing My New Office... and Getting Goosebumps

    What?? This is my office?! How did this happen?? Thank you PIW!!!