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UCDC Virtual Tour

 What's it like to live in D.C.? Social media ambassador Rashan Prailow takes us on a virtual tour of the University of California's D.C. campus, where the semester students live for fifteen weeks.

The housing at UCDC is amazing - every student in the cohort has agreed it is better than Penn's dorms! The apartments easily fit four roommates. The picture above is a picture of the kitchen counter and the living room. The space is comfortable and all amenities are provided, making cooking easier.

UCDC has three laundry rooms located on the 4th, 6th, and 10th floors. The washers and dryers cost $1.50 each. This is the 4th floor laundry room. The laundry rooms are also a great place to meet new friends from the visiting universities.

The UCDC building is very resident-friendly with many lounges on each floor with computers and tables for studying and eating. The 4th floor has a snack lounge that is open 24 hours a day (except on Thursdays). The 4th floor lounge is a great place to meet all of the 200+ students at UCDC as this is the only lounge with a 24-hour snack area. I have met many students in just two weeks from universities all across the nation, including Michigan, UC-Berkley, UCLA, Notre Dame and the University of San Francisco. The 4th floor lounge is very convenient and a great hub to study and network.

I had the opportunity to meet some really good friends from UC Santa Barbara. In the picture above (left to right: me, Seqoia, and Tommy), we're eating at the famous Busboys & Poets restaurant, which is famous for its ambiance of reading from the bookshelf and eating at the same time.

During the first week of our UCDC orientation Katrina, a member of our cohort, had a 20th birthday celebration. It was perfect timing as it allowed all of the PIW Semester Fall 2015 cohort to get acclimated and meet each other more intimately. We are seen in the living room area of Katrina’s shared apartment on the 9th floor.

The Penn in Washington Semester program has been amazing thus far. UCDC is a really cool place to live and it has so many great amenities. The best part about the building is the amazing staff. Every Monday there is an event in the one of the two conference rooms on the main floor. Last Monday, Jacques and I attended the "Washington D.C.: From Swamp to Scandal" event. All of the events serve food and refreshments, which is much-needed after a long day on Capitol Hill, at the White House, in a think tank, or at any other internship. This particular event was an hour-long, intimate history of how our nation’s capital became the place it is today. The event also served as a roadmap to learn about the D.C. area better and taught us to recognize special monuments that are not as popular as the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.