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Spring '16 in DC: Student Profile

My name is Tim McAuliffe and I'm a social media ambassador for the Spring 2016 cohort. I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, currently majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Political Science and Statistics. In spite of the fact that I am a science major and have focused my studies on science and math, I have always had a deep interest in politics and government. In addition, I have always wanted to spend a semester outside of Penn and doing so in DC looked like it would give me a great experience. I was able to find an internship that connected both my science and medicine interest with government and policy by working at John Snow, Inc., a public health consulting firm. In addition to that, the classes we have taken so far (about international development and party polarization) have been incredibly fascinating and made me very excited to pursue even more political science studies once I come back to Penn.

In terms of pictures I am looking forward to taking, I cannot wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom in the spring, because that will also mean that it is no longer bitterly cold down here. I am also very excited to go to the Newseum and look around there. Finally, there are so many small and diverse neighborhoods throughout DC, that I have only been able to scratch the surface of so far, so I look forward to sharing those adventures online through the PIW social media.