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Spring '16 in DC: More Student Profiles

My name's Adina Goldstein and I'm a social media ambassador for the Spring 2016 cohort. I am a junior in the College, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Urban Education. In Washington, I'm lucky enough to be interning at the Department of Education in the Office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs which has so far been an amazing mix of my two fields of study at Penn. I've always been incredibly interested with and inspired by government in the US, while also incredibly passionate about education both locally and nationally. Throughout my time at Penn my interest in the two areas has only increased, but as I started thinking about life after graduation I was not sure which route I would want to take. The Penn in Washington Program so far has been a great opportunity to explore the cross section of my two interests specifically, but has also been an amazing chance to hear from professionals all over Washington in about how they created careers that incorporated many different interests. 

I cannot wait to take tons of pictures of our cohort with the wonderful speakers we've been meeting and to share some of the absolutely amazing and insightful tips they've given us about school, careers and life in Washington.