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Featured Internship: The Brookings Institution

This week's featured blogger is Priyanka Varma, a fifth-year senior from the College majoring in International Relations. Rather than graduating last spring, Priyanka chose to stay at Penn to explore the world of politics in a more in-depth way, by participating in the Penn in Washington fall semester program. Read on as she shares her thoughts on her internship.

This fall, I am working at the Brookings Institution, Center for Universal Education as the Learning Metrics Task Force (LMTF) intern. As part of this program, I am working with UNESCO, the World Bank, and the education ministries of 15 partner countries (or Learning Champions) in improving the teaching assessment methods of these developing countries. Some of my projects include creating a baseline report for the Learning Champion countries, organizing a three-day conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina for our international LMTF partners, and managing the LMTF working group and advisory committee.

Thus far, my experience at Brookings has been wonderful! I have been receiving a lot of responsibilities and I’m given the opportunity to learn more about the amazing work being done by my colleagues on a daily basis. Some other projects in our office include the Millions Learning, Education For All, and Ready to Learn initiatives.

As an International Relations major, I have always enjoyed learning about international education systems. As part of the Center for Universal Education, I am now given the opportunity to actually discuss these education systems firsthand with developing countries and offer my advice to them on how to improve their teaching assessment programs. This has proven to be especially interesting because in the past, I have done a fair number of government internships, and so now it is exciting to study and advise the government from an outsider’s perspective instead.