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Penn in Washington Summer Program

The Penn in Washington summer program is open to all students of the University of Pennsylvania spending the summer in Washington, from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors. There is no cost for the program. Between early June and August 1 of each year, we organize the following:

Networking events:
There will be approximately seven networking events throughout the summer. A group of alumni who share a particular career path will be invited to meet students. Topics in past summers have included: Law/Lobbying , Government consulting, Politics/campaigns, Working on the Hill, Public relations, Think tanks/Advocacy organizations, and Media.

Special Events:
There are several events that have been very popular in past years and which are likely to be scheduled regularly. The opening reception is an opportunity to meet fellow current students in DC for the summer and recent grads who are living and working in DC. At the State Department informational interviews students will meet alumni who are foreign service officers, ambassadors, and others working at the State Department. We also usually have a larger networking event on the subject of postgrad paths and we invite alumni who have a variety of grad degrees so that you can get valuable advice as you begin to consider your first move after Penn.

PIW Student Group Led Events:
In their first year (2010) the student group arranged several informal social events, several of which were joint events with other universities with summer programs including Michigan, Harvard and Yale. These are not PIW sponsored; any costs are incurred by participating individuals. This summer we are planning several social/tourist events, including a Pentagon tour.

Small Group Informational Interviews:
Program director Deirdre Martinez will be arranging a few small group breakfasts and lunches with one or more Penn alumni who are living and working in Washington and can provide another valuable perspective on how Washington works as well as more practical career guidance in a particular policy arena. The topics will be chosen based on student preferences listed in the summer registration form. If you are interested in an informational interview but one is not scheduled on your particular topic, email Dr. Martinez once the summer is underway at with a description of the type of person you would be interested in meeting.

In order to participate in the above, you will need to register for the summer program. Registrants will receive emails as events are scheduled. Further instructions and program details are on the registration form.