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Penn in Washington Summer Events

SUMMER 2020 UPDATE: Due to Covid-19, there was no in-person summer PIW this year. Instead we arranged Zoom chats with a variety of alums, which you can see here:


Chat with Jock Whittlesey  
  • Jock had really useful personal and professional advice, in particular about the State Department but useful if you are thinking about working overseas in general.

 Chat with Jordan Dannenberg

  • Jordan had excellent advice for those with law school in their future. She took time off between undergrad and law school, which she recommends in order to hone in on why you want to go and what you want to do with your law degree. She found that time off helped her be in a good mindset and prepared mentally to approach the new level of difficulty. 

 Chat with Jamie Gleken

  • Jamie shared her experience finding her first post-grad job and talked about the communications field in DC and the value of networking. She recommended dedicating time to coffee chats and staying in contact with previous employers. 

Resume Workshop with Abigail Denburg

  • Abigail led a comprehensive workshop on building a strong resume. We recommend you check this out if you have any resume questions!

 Chat with Stefenie Griggs

  • Stefenie talked about her work in international development in Ghana and how she went from intern to project manager at the same organization.

 Chat with Kate Samuelson 

  • Kate shared great advice for health policy in particular, but check out her chat for tips here that are helpful to anyone thinking about working in the policy world. 

 Chat with Yee Wong

  • Yee had great professional and networking advice, such as don’t be afraid to cold call, have a sales pitch, and show initiative. As a project manager that audits the DoD, she had unique insights into different aspects of the Department.  

Chat with Matt Weil

  • Matt offered insight into think tank careers, specifically at the Bipartisan Policy Center. One pro of think tanks is that they have a good work-life balance compared to other D.C. jobs. He also talked about his experience working on elections. 

The Penn in Washington Summer in D.C. is open to all Penn students spending the summer in Washington, from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors to graduate students. The program is completely free and consists of dozens of events throughout the summer connecting students with alumni in various fields. Summer events typically are scheduled between June 1st and July 31st. If you wish to participate, sign up for the summer listserv from our homepage. At the beginning of summer we will start sending weekly emails with upcoming event details and instructions on how to RSVP.  Please note this is not a structured program; there are no course offerings, no application process, no formal assistance with internship placements, no shared housing. The bulk of our programming happens during the semester, both in D.C. and on campus. Over the summer we are basically connecting students and alumni.

Informational Interviews:
PIW has a network of almost a thousand alumni who are happy to meet Penn students.  Students have met with alumni who work in Congress, consulting and the private sector, media and strategic communications, politics, government, law, health policy, education policy, tech policy, economic policy, environmental and energy policy, justice policy, and international relations. Students who sign up for the summer program (on our homepage) will recieve further instructions after June 1 on setting up these interviews.

Speaker Events:
We are grateful to have access to the Penn Biden Center for larger group events that pull both from the PIW network and the Penn Biden Center network. Details on events are in the summer weekly.


Information Sessions:

In order to provide Penn in Washington students with the best possible chance of returning to D.C. full-time, we partner with a variety of employers to offer information sessions at their D.C. offices near the end of the summer. Summer 2017's participants included: Deloitte Federal Consulting, Avascent, BCG, and Hamilton Place Strategies.