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Summer Program Evaluation


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These questions serve several purposes. If you are in the College, completion of this form allows you to receive an academic notation on your transcript for completion of your summer internship. While this notation does not provide credits toward graduation, it recognizes the contribution your experience this summer has made to your overall education.

Additionally, your review of your internship lets us know which internships are substantive and will help future Penn students (or even yourself next summer) decide where to apply. Your review of your internship will be added to the Penn in Washington database, accessible only to Penn students, to help those in search of an internship understand the nature of the internship. Your name will not be associated with your review unless you indicate that you would like to be a resource for Penn students with questions about your internship. 

Finally, by evaluating the Penn in Washington events you attended, you help us understand the preferences of students and give us data with which to improve the program going forward. Comments about the events/program will be disassociated from your name and are anonymous.