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Events, alumni networking, courses, and internships for Penn students on campus and in D.C.

About Us

PIW Semester

  • Three classes (worth four credits) on various aspects of the public policy world, taught by incredible Washington insiders.
  • Internships at prestigious Washington institutions (including the Department of State, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Center for American Progress, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Department of Justice, and various White House Councils).
  • The chance to meet alumni working for Congress, top think tanks, the Department of Justice, powerful lobbying organizations, and many other areas in D.C.

Summer in Washington Networking Events

  • Events hosted by alumni at organizations across Washington.
  • Informational interviews tailored to your personal interests.
  • Speakers, panels, and networking events at the Penn Biden Center.

Penn in Washington On Campus

  • Speaker events with leaders in politics, government, and public policy.
  • Opportunities for students to have lunch with alumni, ask panels of alumni questions about a particular field in D.C., and find long-term mentors in D.C.
  • Access to our online internship database, which features over 1,000 sponsors - we help hundreds of students find and apply for incredible internships each year.
  • One-on-one advising with the program director for help finding internships or post-grad employment in Washington.

Penn in Washington's offices are located in the University of Pennsylvania's Claudia Cohen Hall, in the College Advising Office.